Always The Why - Todd Sibbin and the Opposite Ends

by Todd Sibbin and the Opposite Ends

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released April 13, 2012

Recorded and Mixed by Tom Barnes at Mixmasters Studios, Adelaide SA
(vocals recorded at The Hills Of Eden Studios)
Produced by Tom Barnes, Todd Sibbin and the Opposite Ends
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering, Omaha NE
Photography by William Morris (Cover, Booklet) and Cassie Sibbin (Inside)
Layout by Todd Sibbin and Louise Vodic

The Band:
Todd Sibbin: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Banjo, Lapsteel, Backing Vocals, Stomp (5), Organ (10), Uke-olin (8), Claps (5)
Tom Capogreco: Violin, Backing Vocals, Claps (5)
Tom Krieg: Double Bass, Electric Bass (9), Backing Vocals (3)
Kevin van der Zwaag: Drums, Tambourine (7), Backing Vocals (3)

Additional Players:
Tom West: Backing Vocals (5, 9)
Jayne West: Backing Vocals (2, 5, 6, 8, 10)
Mary Webb: Backing Vocals (2, 6, 8, 10)
Sophia Nuske: Double Bass (4)
Seb Tonkin: Cello (4)
Cassie Sibbin: Claps (5)

Huge thanks to:
All our friends and family (especially my mum for taking me in when I lost my job!), the boys Tom C, Tom K and Kev vdZ for helping me “take this bad boy to the toilet”, Tom B and Mixmasters, Doug Van Sloun, Richard Davidson, Arts SA, Cass S, William M, Hanna E, Lew V, Mary W, Jayne W, Tom W, Sophia N, Seb T, Zac and the Jade Monkey, George and the Grace Emily, all the folks at The Exeter, Sparkspitter, The Battery Kids, Peats Ridge Festival, Sarah Howells and JJJ, RAGE, MAPS, Lucy W-S, Dan Vink, Maxx C, Rach M, Tom O-M, and anyone else that has helped us out in any way over the past few years…



all rights reserved
Track Name: Chasing Down A Steaming Train
Letter today battle to stay outdone
Plot escapades web out of gold is spun
I don’t rely on me to be tied
To something I’m not quite sure I’ve come to find
I’m still seeing white I’m still trying to improvise

Stake out the board now sit down and settle in
This aint’ a call out handling frames
Don’t look at me man cos I don’t know anything
It still just feels like chasing down a steaming train
It still just feels like chasing down a steaming train

There’s a tear in the plan and were stereotyped we fell
Rocks into sand ever we rot in cells
We’re tall in there eyes blind leading blind
I don’t really wanna be condemned do I
I’m wet in the mind and I’m still only twenty five

Son of the same is hitting to close to hard
It’s taking away all of the ends I start
My heads saying wrong my hearts saying right
I’m so sick of mediating title fights
It’s always the why it always the do or die

Track Name: A Long Long List To Change
Two on a cooler, one burning seat
I gave you a picture, you took it oversees
I’m not sure if what I said is what I really mean
I’ve got a think tank up my sleeve

Half of a fortnight, got me this way
I sit out the back just, scrubbing the stains
I try to replace it in a way that seems the same
I left the upstairs lock unchained

This aint’ heaven, baby I can see
And if I say it to condemn, you know I’m just condemning me
This aint heaven it’s just a fallacy
And we got one night to cut us free

Speaking is random, my friend and I
We swap carbon antics, the fate of bloodline plights
But just cos were conscious of it doesn’t mean were right
We got it cut inside the lines

Now my mind wanders back there, I dream of a cave
We’d transcend the goodnight, two of the same
But I don’t dare be waiting on a lover with no name
I got a long, long list to change

This aint heaven, baby I can see
You know we all just run away think it’s the only way to leave
This aint heaven it’s just a vacancy
And we got one night to cut us free

Somehow we got here, but no one knows how
It’s so damn overcrowded, for a place that’s never found
I observe methodically between the sky and ground
I hear a thought without a sound
Scream on a ship that’s going down

This aint’ heaven, baby I can see
And if you meet me up the stairs we can pretend that we are free
This aint’ heaven it’s just a fleeting ease
And we got one night to cut us free
Oh man we got one night to cut us free
Track Name: Ill Be On My Way
Light me up a little fire I’ll dance around and fall
And I’ll try my best to keep between the frames
These social warfare politics are feeding on the walls
But they never hit the light of contemplate

I could stay, I could try
I could say I would die
But baby I don’t like to talk to deep far down
Resumes, underscores
Aren’t the same anymore
So baby I’m gonna get the hell out of this town

I say hang on, I’ll be on my way
But were I’m heading I’m not really sure
I say hang on, I’ll be on my way
I can’t be around here anymore

You drop words like normal now convincings for yourself
I’ll tell you something different now my girl
That they all speak that language here of judgments on themselves
Yeah but all that’s in there orbit is the world

So you can stay, you can bore
I don’t care anymore
Cos baby I can see a lighthouse on the hill
I could read, I could write
I could bleed in a fight
But baby I don’t even want the way or will

So throw me from the rooftops I’m not scared to be afraid
I’m only scared of ending up the same
You paint it different colours but you never innovate
It’s all the same old shit just on a different day

So listen up, listen now
Listen to what’s renowned
It’s not as if I couldn’t give a damn
I do think, I do stare
I do say that I care
And maybe in the end that’s why I ran

Track Name: 17
I missed the Thursday sun, searching for the stop
I watched an old re-run, on an old light box
It never goes to plan, turning glass to sand
I think I lacked the same belief, when I was seventeen

I stole a candle wick, and watched to while you cried
The drinking made me sick, I don’t look so surprised
I doesn’t make it right, we all go home at night
To re-enact the same old scenes, when we were seventeen

Perpetuate forget, but you can’t escape regret
I got diagnosed the same disease, when I was seventeen
When I was seventeen

We’ve got these holy grails, tattooed to our backs
We all just chase our tails, believe in what we lack
Time can take you far, but it can’t erase the scars
I’m not free, but I’m not me, when I was seventeen
When I was seventeen
Track Name: Counterfeit Love
Don’t ask me questions baby
We’re past the interstate
Far down In Austin Texas brandy straight initiates
Collided in the corner
Can’t stop the gravitate
Were heading down the crossroads Mr. Johnson’s way

There aint’ no trial in the courthouse that can be won
So we just burn all the judgments ever under the sun
We used to pine for it baby but now we can’t be fucked
Not gonna spend all our money on some counterfeit love

We live in echoes baby
We pass them back and forth
No need to state the blatant obvious dividing course
That’s not to say were nothing
We always knew the score
Not gonna search for something else here anymore

So come and lay with me baby and breathe in my lungs
Don’t wanna live like a hostage man in front of a gun
And I will walk anytime they say has been run
Not gonna spend all our money on some counterfeit love

We’re standing on a trapdoor
You kiss me in the dark
Sooner or later someone pulls the leaver lightning fast
When these walls get blurry
It’s best to evacuate
Cos all of these actions never manifested ways

Track Name: Battle Shores
Belief realities to young at heart
They move like the grass grows disconcerned with dirty glass
I wax lyrical about creative shame
While I sit in the dark room watching patterns generate

I don’t know why, I couldn’t save me from the score
I don’t know why, I couldn’t leave it at the door
I don’t know why, I didn’t run like hell before
I guess we live to learn on battle shores

Somewhere in disarray is beyond these walls
It’s the stink of existence I don’t wanna give remorse
I hear shoulder speeches prescribing love
They say this fork in your mouth is only bringing you undone

Somebody told me we’re not the only ones to hit this wall
Like apples we snap and there’s only silence there to break the fall
We’re thicker than water but thinner then all those that came before
We were born onto battle shores

There man made travesties these scapegoat mines
They say remember you hard hat and we’ll dig from where you hide
It’s always something else now to try and shed
Well I’ve tried not to hate me I’ll try hating hate instead
Track Name: For Sanitys Sake
Acme poses like I didn’t care
I’m only going just to hope she’s there
I look for options but the options fled
Only self extortion in my head

It’s not that were late were just not here on time
When there’s no other way man I hate to resign
Just for sanity’s sake I’ve gotta say in my mind
Better lie, better lie just to keep me alive

Now holy nothings gonna save the day
I’ll curse the ceiling before I’d ever prey
I’m left alone here cos she can’t relate
Yea but empathy don’t partner blame

Track Name: Almost Out, Never Gone
It’s wet out on the road past the hurricane
You came from down on Frome you always look the same
I wanted me to go like I wanted you to stay
That kiss out on the street was never gonna change

I’m not smart, I’m too slow
I left my heart, in the cab ride home
Somebody told me the mantra was wrong
I think I knew all along
I’m almost out, but never gone

Now I don’t dare to wait for the drugs to slow
There’s people making points counting dial tones
You still won’t let me in I thought I’d let you know
You can’t always hide the dirt underneath the snow

I’m not here, I’m not sure
There just things, that I adore
Somebody’s laughing it’s all that belongs
Cos you never could prove me wrong
I’m almost out, but never gone

So why do we seek news we know were gonna hate
Why do we have thoughts then act a different way
Why’d you speak a line you didn’t wanna say
Why is it your lines always sound the same

I won’t fold, I won’t cave
I won’t hold, this shit again
Somebody called me the eye of the storm
I try to live to reform
I’m almost out, but never gone

We were never gone
We were never gone
Somebody said it’s a clear metaphor
You act like you’re misinformed
We were never gone
Track Name: White Order
White order it don’t want try
White order its genocide
White order, white order
It lives to deny
White order it takes me on
White order it acts upon
White order, white order
They’re already gone

Candle shards, rum soaked cards, nineteen thirties London bar
I don’t really care, if were prisoners or were soldiers
Carbon times, tardy nights, shadow rebels left and right
They don’t really care, brush the feathers from there shoulders

And they say say all of this is open shut
Gotta fake like tyrants never get enough

Two streets down, Williams found, blood is soaking through the ground
But they don’t really care, and I could have sworn they just were waiting
He bared his name, never change, pulling rhetoric from the blame
But they didn’t really care, there ain't no conscience that could save him

Track Name: The Girl Who Cried Fire
A white dress and a wooden horse like Kansas on a string
You only get a half of one selected to be seen
I watched her from a weathered board run circles round the kings
Shes gonna be a different girl, she drowns the underneath

She yells fire, fire can someone lend a hand
You know this fires to cold to stand
She yells fire, fire can someone lend a hand
You know this fires to cold to stand

Now Im leaving on the midnight hour she packed me for the south
She said I should have stuck around to watch the duo play
But there are lies and there are lies then someone’s gotta doubt
Shes never gonna bring herself to taint the white parade

Oh man iv heard the thunder
But she keeps acting like we left it in bed
Oh man I never wonder
It’s just to validate the void figurehead

Now its three o’clock third on the right she stumbles back inside
Could never let a whole heart in, she breaks before she tries
I’m not versed in history books or patterns from a scribe
It’s always been a sad sad tale a runner trying to fly

Track Name: Hard To Say
Less then a week, I’m doing alright
But that doesn’t mean I got it out this time
Incredible scenes, I never fight
But what is a fuse without the dynamite

It could be here, It could be gone
It could be right, It could be wrong
It could be hard to say were falling, falling
It could be tough, It could be fun
It could be smart, It could be dumb
It could be hard to say were falling, falling

Hide in the sheets, wet in the eyes
It’s never the way or what you’d think you’d like
So take it from me, from what is behind
That something has changed to get to here this time

I can’t stop thinking about it this way
I see it at night then I dream in the day
I wait while I wait but what am I waiting on
Maybe if I could just know what its like
I’d take it away or I’d take it tonight
But maybe I’m scared I’ll find out I’m not that strong

One day I will look back to soon
And I’ll write a line that will sound free
I can’t live in these overviews
Where I’m not quite sure what’s around me

Wait for the lights, dark in the eyes
Maybe the pacings making up my mind
It’s hard to admit, it’s hard to define
But I think I wanna know the pending time

If I don’t take it will I criticise
Well you show me yours baby I’ll show you mine
And this is the game, this is the game we sigh
I still have struggles with what I believe
If you wanna see it you’ve gotta be seen
So what do you want, man what do you want to see

I can be so hard now, It can be so far down
It could be right here but it’s to hard to say
It could be the best thing, it could bring the worst in
It could be right here but it’s to hard to say