Waiting For Me To Say - Todd Sibbin and the Opposite Ends

by Todd Sibbin and the Opposite Ends

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released July 2, 2010

Recorded at Queen st and The Hills of Eden Studios
Produced and Recorded by Todd Sibbin and the Opposite Ends and Lockie Pagan
Mixed by Tom Barnes at Mixmasters Studios
Mastered by Evan James at Broadcast Studios
Photography by Harry Freeman (Front), Shane Bannister (Back), Lina Kolomoitseva (Inside)
Layout by Yannick Bowe and Todd Sibbin

The Band:
Todd Sibbin: Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Lap Steel, Stomp, Backing Vocals
Tom Capogrco: Violin, Glockenspeal, Organ, Backing Vocals
Tom Krieg: Double Bass, Backing Vocals

Big Big thanks to:
All our friends and family (especially my mum and sis) for the continuous support and kind words, the boys Kriegie and Cappa for wanting to play with me, Tom B, Evan J, Lockie P, Luke L (for the Banjos!), Dave A, Harry F, Lina K, Shane B, Yan B, Dan Vink, JB,VW (for pointing me this way), SP, Behind These Walls, The Timbers, Colonel Kernel, Mixmasters, Broadcast Studios, Radio Adelaide, The Exeter, Clanger and The Grace Emily, The Crown And Anchor, The Gov, The Jade Monkey, and anybody i may have happened to miss!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Maybe
Well i don't like to say or think to much about it
Cos i just see the same old stubborn selfish ways
And every time i try to write the way I'm thinking
I end up leaving more confused than when i came

But I wont come back for you unless you mean it
Cos I've said a thousand times for you to see it you've got to open up your eyes, and see that

Maybe all of this is just the way we fight
Maybe everything is gonna be alright
Maybe i'm not you and maybe your not me
Maybe you don't wanna know how it could be
and that's the way you want it to be

Now your to young to be a Sargent of the soldiers
And i don't think you really know just what it takes
So what's the plan when you come stumbling through the darkness
With bloody hands from your own self inflicted fate


Now i cant bring myself to tell you of this thinking
Cos I've seen messengers falling left and right
And you don't care and you wont change and you don't want to
So just like you well ill be running from the night

Track Name: Back To Go
I could make a run down, and I could pick apart the things you said
But I know fussing gives us nothing good to show
You say you wanna run now, but where you gonna run with just one leg
And you keep saying it’s the only way you’ll grow

And we just go

Round and round and round and round and round and round we go
We keep playing all the same old games and we see the same old shows, and we go
Round and round and round and round and round and round we go
We keep taking all the same old ways just back to what we know, back to go

I don’t wanna know now, if you could be content with just one more
And I’m just preying all the adding days will show
I don’t like to run round, and I can’t turn a crack into a door
And all this trying crucifies the ratios


I prey, I’m slipping away
I’m slipping away cos baby I cant be here sober anymore
These days, won’t be our fate
They won’t be our fate cos baby I don’t think you’ve tried that hard before


And your never gonna see it if you never wanna know
And if ya never gonna try then don’t ya ever try to moan
And if ya waiting for an answer you may never ever know
So we’ll just keep on going round and round and round we’ll go
Track Name: Lies Lies Lies
I’m not gonna say that, I’m never wrong
Bout all the little things that come and tear my hair out
And I can preach believing, all along
But you’s have turned to she’s with all the speculation here now

She can’t see life in the flames of the trees
She’s hating all of the thoughts saying please
And I stay but wanna leave,
You know its killing me with all this self destruction

She hurts everybody with her lies, lies, lies
She burns everybody with her lies, lies, lies
It’s cursed everybody with its lies, lies, lies
But there ain’t no truth in all these lies, lies, lies ,lies, lies

Iv been raising fists up, every day
That I barely have the strength to deal with my own confrontations
And all I have is old words, that I can say
That repetition changes visions into fabrications

She don’t like any way it could be
I don’t like anything that I see
She says I couldn’t leave,
You know I don’t believe the words anymore


I know im waiting on a hope,
But it don’t even seen that she could ever take it
She says leave me here for dead,
But that don’t bring relief it only feeds the culprits
She sells its all about the shell,
Well ill show you something ugly just by pulling up the carpet
I thought were better than before,
But now it only seems were digging deeper in it

Track Name: Off My Feet
Wake up the words man, its heavy on my mind
And it begins far to quick for us to see
I said I’m ready to leave this all behind,
And we can dream even when were not asleep

I’m not coping with how it all should be
And I forget just which shoulder to believe
I’m still growing and sometimes I forget to see
That chasing lines ain’t as easy as it seems

This shaking air now, is darkness feeding life
And it ain’t much but its good enough for me
I’m counting blessings, that dig towards the light
And there all there but adding days just blurs the scenes


I say I cant live this way but tell me, could you find a better place
Well I don’t know man, I don’t know
Iv been run right off my feet cos I’m, not the best at self belief
So here we go man, here we go

Track Name: Left
Up is down and down is up and back is left or right
but i cant figure anyway when you come here tonight
cos baby iv been trying to learn to find the ways i feel
but whats the point if all the ways don't have a way to spill

cos white is black when black is white
but i cant get to there inside your eyes
and i know this way all to well
cos when it all comes down again i still cant buy or sell

She says i cant pass you over
I cant get to her anyway
I know i could never go there
It always happens the same
it always happens that way

I don't like to put my head in pessimistic clouds
but why am i the last to always hear the sweetest sounds
And i don't wanna know how hard iv fallen on this page
Cos i forgot the words when you were standing left of stage

So could i wait and could i watch
could i make it how i really want
Are you really happy there
Well baby this ain't jealousy it just means that i care


My heads ringing deafening sounds
And i cant see it ever coming round
I don't feel this everyday
And even though i shouldn't i'm still hoping anyway

Track Name: Down The Line
Bright lights coming
The sun does fade
And I've been fooled I'm running in a non existent race
Cos iv been waiting
for me to say
that this old time is here and now it can take you away

But don't you start to ask me is it time, is it time
Cos you just go about it so wrong

And I've been staring down the line, down the line
and its always a given that its always a climb
So turn the light off and you'll be fine, you'll be fine
and we'll wait for the summer we'll wait for the time

And I'm so different
From who i was
That i cant even tell you how it would have been because
You might mistake me
For signs of stop
But you cant loose it if you never knew that it was lost


And now every little moment, and every little day
And every little thing i had I'm holding back from flying away
Cos every little vision, and every little dream
Will only come and fill me up and make me want to leave